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Gloucestershire Ultrasound Assisted Vascular Access 

The GUAVA Course

The GUAVA (Gloucestershire Ultrasound Assisted Vascular Access) course, based in Cheltenham, UK, is aimed at all medical professionals who want to learn how to insert peripheral and central cannulae using ultrasound.


You will practice ultrasound guided peripheral cannula and central venous catheter insertion on unique high fidelity models, directly supervised by experts in the field.


The course is structured to allow maximum ‘hands on’ time, with both high-fidelity simulation and human models, to practice scanning and line insertion.


Course Structure:


  • One-day course

  • Mixture of short engaging tutorials and small group hands on practice

  • Group size limited to allow maximum possible ‘hands on’ time

  • Covers ultrasound skills and common pitfalls

  • Practical techniques of US guided peripheral cannulae, central line, as well as PICC insertion on high fidelity simulation models

  • Real time scanning of live models to practice scanning technique and anatomy

  • Lunch and refreshments provided

Course founders

Julian Phelps

Julian is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in vascular access and has an unrivalled wealth of expertise in the field.  He leads the vascular access team at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Katie Samuels

Katie is a consultant anaesthetist at North Bristol Trust

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